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Blue Bear Social is a remote social media marketing agency that delivers online media solutions for small businesses. Start your success story with us


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We believe that small local businesses should have the opportunity to grow through digital platforms to reach wider customer bases. In order to succeed in the era of social media and digital platforms, a certain level of relatability and understanding is needed. Our team are very friendly and personable, which we believe is one of the most important attributes of professionals in this industry, after their skillset.


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Blue Bear Social


Director / Lead Strategist

Kate specialises in Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy and Web Design. Kate often drives our head of quality assurance barking mad chatting about 'Lead' Generation.


Consultant / Web Development

Tadhg specialises in programming and currently advises on all web development projects. Every morning, Tadhg ensures that 'quality assurance' has a steady supply.

Blue Bear Social


Quality Assurance

Dougie is the resident 'office dog' and the goodest of good boys. He specialises in long walks, snacking and napping. No treat goes untasted without Dougie's seal of approval.

We offer 20% discounts on client referrals. Get in touch to learn more.


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