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B.A.M. Fitness


Web Design case study

B.A.M. Fitness is a personal training business located in Limerick, Ireland. The Director of B.A.M. Fitness, Barry McNamara, contacted Blue Bear Social in order to bring his business to life in the digital world. From the first consultation, Barry chatted with our web design team about his business and the key elements that he wanted to promote strongly through his website, and particularly the layout. Through the creation of a brand new website design, Barry wanted to increase brand awareness of his personal training services in the Limerick area in a new and stronger way online.

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Bursting with colour

From the initial consultation with Barry, it was clear that he wanted a design that illustrated the building strength and the process of getting fit. By using dark, bold colours uniformly throughout the website, we crafted a design that showcased the different elements of fitness, from checking BMI on the BMI calculator feature, to promoting the different types of fitness classes that Barry offers. We blended these dominating colours with a large proportion of ‘white space’ to allow a perfect balance throughout the entire website.

Responsive Design

Colourful Imagery

Email Set-Up

BMI Calculator

Contact Section

Price List

High-Quality Gym Photography

Interactive Services Section


Project testimonial

“Kate did a fantastic job on my site, super quick and really nice to deal with. I am blown away by the results!! Her design exceeded my expectations massively! I would recommend Kate and Blue Bear Social to anyone looking for a website.”

– Barry, M. (B.A.M. Fitness)

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