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Mid Tipperary Drugs Initiative (M.T.D.I)


Logo Design case study

The Mid Tipperary Drugs Initiative (M.T.D.I) is a community based drugs initiative, funded by the Irish Health Service, HSE, that targets the Mid Tipperary region, providing awareness, early intervention, 1:1 support, referral pathways, etc. for individuals and or families members around substance misuse issues.

Shane from M.T.D.I. got in touch with the Blue Bear Social team to chat with us about redesigning their logo and recreating a whole new brand identity for their organisation. From our initial consultation with Shane, it was clear that the colours and branding to be used in the redesign of the logo was to be as similar to the overall Youthwork Ireland organisation’s logo as possible in order to maintain the concept that they are all under the same umbrella organisation.

After our initial consultation with Shane, we had a great insight into the vision that the organisation had for their new logo and branding redesign, and with this knowledge we began crafting a whole new look for M.T.D.I.


Creating brand consistency

For our bespoke redesign of the M.T.D.I organisation logo, we maintained the colours present in the current Youthwork Ireland logo to illustrate that M.T.D.I is largely connected as a part of this umbrella organisation. Youth Work Ireland Tipperary is also a Gold Standard Health promoting organisation. With this in mind, we also focused on a colour palette which was made of up bright primary colours, to illustrate that this organisation is community-centred with younger people in mind while also embodying the image of community health and wellbeing.

Brand Identity

Tagline Copywriting

Logo Design

Branding Kit

Multiple File Formats

Colour Palette Creation


Project testimonial

“Our logo was designed by the Blue Bear Social team and the result was super. The colours used were spot on for what we wanted! Kate and Tadhg did a brilliant job. I would recommend Blue Bear Social for any business looking for branding and logos!”

– Shane, B. (Mid Tipperary Drugs Iniative)

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